That bastard Marco was very good and he had it tochaca. He was jerking off on the sofa looking at his cell phone, surely looking at some hamburger-type pussy. Instead of doing what any guy would do in his place when caught red-handed, hiding his cock in his pants, Marco continued to pound it and looked at Freddy, perhaps waiting for him to join the party.

Feeling him from behind was one thing and looking at him from the front, lying on his back, being fucked, quite another. See his great muscular body, sweaty, with every muscle at full power to fuck him. She stretched out her hands to rub his torso and liked the contact with that body of Adonis so much that an ejection of milk escaped from his cock before time, wetting his belly.

It was men like that that caused her, a discharge of satisfaction that was difficult to control. How beefy, how macho, how attractive. For a moment Freddy wondered if he was in some wet dream. No, it was real, that male was inside him and he could feel and touch his body. Until now he had been very affectionate but he was back on all fours resting his knees and hands on the ground, Marco covered him protecting his ass between his thighs and he fucked him wildly penetrating him uncontrollably.

Damn, what a fucking pleasure to feel all the rage of that big man, the touch of his balls caressing his buttocks. He heard a loud moan, how his whole body trembled with emotion on his back and when he felt something liquid flooding the inside of his anus, he knew that that pimp had impregnated him with all his cum. He ran inside for a long time until he let off steam. His cock grew wide releasing the entire load, destroying Freddy's buttonhole.

As he pulled out his cock, a string of milk hung from his cock and fell to the ground. Marco grabbed his buttocks with two hands and patted them, hoping that Freddy would dislodge all the milk down the hole drain. A good jet came out through the hole sliding down the crack of his ass and his balls. Marco got excited when he saw it and went to that sucker's mouth to have him lick the remains of his penis.

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