Lying on a metal stretcher, aboard an unidentified flying saucer, rests the abducted and completely naked body of Paddy. If I were an alien and my mission was to catch the best specimen of the human race, without a doubt I would have chosen the same for the research work. The aliens must be impressed by that body that must awaken something inside them if they have chosen to do so.

During the time they have been watching humans from the sky, they know that this thing grows and gets hard and then inserts itself into the cavity of another human, but they do not know what is the mechanism that makes this reproductive tool triple or quadruple the size it is now. They also know that the seed that gives life on that planet comes out of there, the main objective of the experiments.

They have been made with various instruments to simulate what they have seen, specifically a kind of masturbator fleshjack of an unknown texture. This thing called a cock drills a tight hole over and over and over again until white liquid pours out of its tip. Although they manage to put their cock inside the rubber band, it's not hard enough. Maybe it's time to apply the series B plan, get out of the reproduction thing and focus on something that catches the attention of that human being.

Using their powers, they manage to take on the human appearance of two boys, irresistible to him, who reside inside his mind. Transformed into Lukas Daken and Francois Sagat, Paddy's penis begins to splice and take the desired shape. While Francois concentrates on sucking on his lollipop, Lukas warms up his lips. There is no doubt that humans know how to have fun with what nature has endowed them with.

Have you ever fucked an alien? Well, Paddy can now say yes. Lukas is about to learn the secrets of human reproduction. Legs spread, ass open, a big dick covering the entrance to the hole and that big cock begins to plunge into the depths of his new body. What at first is pain, soon turns into exquisite taste. That cock rubs against something inside him that he doesn't know about, but that takes him to the fifth universe.

Paddy wakes up. Next to him is his friend Francois, the real one, not the alien. He no longer knows if he was in a dream or not. But believe me that up there, several light years away, a flying saucer is moving away where two extraterrestrials take advantage of the long journey home to fuck themselves and use the milk that comes out of their balls for personal matters that they have nothing to do with. see with reproduce.

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