Knowing himself with an unbeatable attractiveness and a great ass made to catch males, makes Marco Rubi play his favorite game whenever he feels like fucking. After having benefited all his co-workers, now he decides to stay nearby with the van parked in the strategic place at the exits of other ships, where other kids, blokes and businessmen, come and go without stopping and always some new tail falls into their nets.

Most of them have their guys waiting for them, but when it comes to receiving a blowjob with their fly open, they don't like to put their hands on their necks and fill mouths. It is enough to be there for what they need, to take someone directly to the city and make a stop in the countryside before arriving or to lend a lighter to a restless smoker, whatever it is, it always happens the same way, the desire tightens, a little look in the rearview mirror, they get on the passenger seat and fuck everything, they let themselves go, pleasing the cock.

That morning after the end of the day, they have barely covered a kilometer, they park in the middle of a road and Flex fucks him in the back of the vehicle, admiring how his tremendous rod is imprisoned between the cheeks of that big, muscular and muscular hunk. handsome with a beautiful and tight ass, giving it from behind as he likes.

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