Gabriel is worried because the car has not been repaired on time, luckily his antithesis is already there, his buddy Diego to make him see that nothing is going to happen because a car is not fixed on time.

Some pieces are missing to finish, but it's pouring rain outside. The boss is not there, closing time is coming and the two of them are alone between cars, tools and the smell of gasoline. Diego loves that smell, he could snort it the whole fucking day, but now what he wants is to snort and eat his colleague's dick. He gets down on his knees, pulls the shit out of her through the fly of his suit pants, and let's eat.

In this little game between mechanics, the one with the biggest and fattest tool wins the right and in that Diego wins. He lays Gabriel on his back on some dirty and worn tires that are going to be scrapped and pummels him until his soul is broken. Gabriel is still dressed from the waist up like a heartthrob, but Diego, from sweat and effort, loses one by one the clothes that cover his body and ends up like a buttfuck bare-chested.

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