We imagine that you suddenly meet a handsome guy, with a beard, strong and muscular, an impressive and big macho piece, big cock and with the face of a fucking bastard whose objective is to take you to a secluded place and fuck you like an animal until unloading. Well, here Rogan Richards takes the reins and enjoys David Avila's ass at will, putting it in various positions and adapting it to his tail like a glove to satisfy himself. The best thing is that, when he manages to have her all inside his ass, the bastard behaves like an animal, like an uncontrolled bull that doesn't know how to stop, charging with a clean cock and letting himself be carried away by the pleasure he feels, giving harder and harder.

The part in which he lays David down on the ground with his legs up behind his back and impales him is tremendous, letting us see Rogan Richards's muscles, strong arms, legs and ass in all its splendor, sweaty and enjoying the fuck until unloading. milk. Here neither love nor cocks, this scene is made to enjoy a fucking as it should be and two males with a lot of stamina.

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