I couldn't have put him in a better place or position to make him try his blunderbuss by sticking it all over his asshole. On that black background, Sean's muscular body showed all its splendor. Handsome, attractive, muscular, with a penetrating and captivating gaze, his arms behind his head marking biceps and abs and those armpit hairs perfect for imagining bristle. Tim's cock swelled like never before and he already had it big.

Those little moans continued to echo in Tim's head as he got him on all fours and fucked his irresistible big, muscular ass, as smooth as his thighs. He grabbed him so hard that, at the risk of cumming prematurely, he got on the bed and set fire to that ass, fucking it hard, sticking his cock as big and fat as it was until cracking his balls all over his buttonhole.

He gave her pleasure with his cock resting it on his body and fucking him in flight. She put him back on his back and continued to stick it with pleasure, looking at her great body, her little face, those appetizing lips of hers, remembering the taste they had given her cock. The bastard had a dirty mouth. Aside from moaning, he wouldn't stop spouting dirty things, making Tim even more horny.

He did it, he took his cock out of the hole, he put a cumshot in her slit, he plunged the cock into her anus again and watched how the milk oozed from the hole, puddled all over the upper part of the cock and remained dripping on the sheets. black. What a great ass the handsome man had and how well he had gotten the milk out of him. When he finished, Sean was left hungry for more tails. Tim picked up the phone and began contacting his colleagues, the most gifted. Don't let that ass go hungry.

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